There are so many beautiful vintage and retro fabrics that need a home and a purpose!

CrushCube (me!) is snatching them up and using them in their cover designs together with modern designer fabric.

I feel like a child in a sweetie shop while scouring the net looking for the next best CrushCube cover design.

The CrushCouch that you can see in the image is one of my faves – which is your at



Sourcing vintage/retro fabrics has become my latest fad – just loving it … beautiful abstract prints that hold good today or colourful florals that Aunty Betty would have donated her housekeeping for.

This is the latest Collection at but of course it’s not me just to use one fabric! I’ve set them alongside lovely Designers Guild’s fabrics to create unique, useable covers.

Here are a few to get your taste buds going (the full range has yet to be put onto the website but you can view them on my facebook page in the meantime :))ImageImage

An original, stylish seating for those discerning people wanting something different and unique.


Accessorises ca…


Accessorises can make or break the whole ambience and ethos of a space.

As an interior accessory CrushCube adds a splash of colour, texture, originality, creativity and style as well as having a purpose. The beauty of CrushCube is not merely visual! The zipped cover means you can restyle your CrushCube without having to start from scratch with fabrics of your choice from this decade or from time gone past. Contact inspired@crushinteriors for more details or have fun on the interactive page on our website .

This new retro/vintage range is fused with contemporary fabrics to create an original seat/small table.