Rugs are a fab way to bring colour and pattern into a space as shown in these images. Not only do they look beautiful but they also serve a practical purpose too!

CrushCube has exactly the same benefits as well as being handmade and unique.

This may come as a surprise to you but CushCube is that statement piece that gives you the WOW! factor as well as being able to sit on it.

Don’t believe me?! Check out and see for yourself!


Crazy or What?!

Varese Zinnia
Rapallo Pistachio
Rosca Lime
Mantua Cranberry
Birch Lemon
Mantua Vermilion
Magic or Madness?
Just love playing at – go wild! Or keep it cool and elegant! Create your very own personal CrushCube or choose from the 50% off Summer Sale.

Everyone has their favourite – which one is yours?


Everyone has their favourite CrushCube

Colourful and Flamboyant

Handmade Zipped Cover

Comfortable and Creative

These CrushCube Covers were designed for a PR company who wanted colourful creative seating for a brainstorming area only accessible via a narrow spiral staircase. No problem for CrushCube! It is so lightweight it can be picked up and carried from one space to another with minimal effort. Even the 100cm x 40cm CrushCouches were not a problem! CrushCube can be a no-frills classic affair or a creative masterpiece!

Pretty in Pink