I found myself today in a well known designer trade outlet store lusting after the amazing array of brightly coloured handbags – which one do I choose? I loved them all! How do I choose the ONE? So I held them up against myself in the mirror to see which ONE felt and looked right for me, just as you would with a CrushCube. Look at the style and colours in your space and choose ONE that feels right for you ‘cos once you’ve got that cube in your space you’ll smile every time you see it and use it – just like that fav handbag – beautiful and practical at the same time!ImageImage


All Competition is Good Competition?!

I’m always on the look out for ‘new’ cubes! I love this ‘Italian Job’.
Made and designed in England website creates similar cubes in a variety of colours and fabrics in three different sizes!
Is there too much choice? Would you like to see more fabrics displayed? Does the interactive page help you realise the CrushCube of your dreams?
Look forward to your comments 🙂