Rugs are a fab way to bring colour and pattern into a space as shown in these images. Not only do they look beautiful but they also serve a practical purpose too!

CrushCube has exactly the same benefits as well as being handmade and unique.

This may come as a surprise to you but CushCube is that statement piece that gives you the WOW! factor as well as being able to sit on it.

Don’t believe me?! Check out and see for yourself!



I found myself today in a well known designer trade outlet store lusting after the amazing array of brightly coloured handbags – which one do I choose? I loved them all! How do I choose the ONE? So I held them up against myself in the mirror to see which ONE felt and looked right for me, just as you would with a CrushCube. Look at the style and colours in your space and choose ONE that feels right for you ‘cos once you’ve got that cube in your space you’ll smile every time you see it and use it – just like that fav handbag – beautiful and practical at the same time!ImageImage

A handmade interior accessory with a difference!


I am going to write about my product CrushCube – a handmade, original, boutique style, interior accessory which I hope you will deem positively viable and luxurious!
My name is Francesca and I design, create and produce CrushCube from home. It is versatile and beautiful. It has a zipped cover and is so lightweight it can be carried from room to room and still sturdy enough to sit on.
It can be a wild and colourful for the brave and adventurous. It can be made from using eco friendly fabric for sustainable development. Retro/vintage fabric can be used to create a seasonal look. The designs are endless! I love fashion and have based the colour palettes around seasonal trends on my website – – but my everyday use of fashion is fused with my own style to create an individual look which I have imparted on CrushCube.
I designed CrushCube originally as a requirement for home. As a mother of four grown boys I wanted extra seating without the clutter of extra furniture. I also wanted to add colour, texture and originality. A cover of some sort seemed the best option as this could be washed or replaced. A cube shape was easiest to design and develop – hence CrushCube!
I am passionate about design, colour and textures and use facebook as a platform for this obsession –
CrushCube is a show stopper and talking point – I hope you think so too!
I have attached a few images to show the different styles CrushCube can evoke.

CrushCube Vintage Mix Model 1

CrushCube is joining the vintage band wagon and has created this fusion of retro 60s/70s design, pearlised textured vinyl and lush zingy velvet cover for a 40 x 40cm cube.

We’re loving it – what do you think?

Or, create your own at and remember take advantage of the free design service and many more fabrics on offer – too many to show on the site.



Distinction in Boutique Hotels

Feather and Jones are a bespoke digital wallpaper printing company based in Preston and show how with their creativity and expertise the Chester Boutique Hotel is a uniquely bespoke place.

Chester Boutique Hotel

Feather and Jones work their magic at the Chester Boutique Hotel

Digital wallpaper can really give any venue total individuality. Last month we worked closely with LCT Interior Solutions, ( ) whom we have worked with several times in the past and who needed their designs printing and installing in a prestigious boutique hotel in Chester City centre.

We produced and installed several wallpapers of different finishes, the majority being on our “Linen” substrate but with some on our “Diamond” substrate as some walls would have the possibility of being exposed to the elements with being in external eating areas and passages.

The designs were unique and a pleasure to produce as they really show how bespoke design can make a space really distinctive and individual.