Sourcing vintage/retro fabrics has become my latest fad – just loving it … beautiful abstract prints that hold good today or colourful florals that Aunty Betty would have donated her housekeeping for.

This is the latest Collection at but of course it’s not me just to use one fabric! I’ve set them alongside lovely Designers Guild’s fabrics to create unique, useable covers.

Here are a few to get your taste buds going (the full range has yet to be put onto the website but you can view them on my facebook page in the meantime :))ImageImage

An original, stylish seating for those discerning people wanting something different and unique.






This seasons fashion trend is all about contrasting colours and fabrics. Why not bring that element into your home with CrushCube. Design and select your own at (new easier to shop website coming soon!)

Check it out!

I have been working on the new revamped and interactive website for some months now with the ever patient Gareth – my web designer. He has pulled me back from so many ‘off on a tangent moment’ back to reality and the world of practicalities. Together I think the reworked website looks fab. The main change is the ‘Create a CrushCube’ page where you can play with fabrics and lay them onto a cube template to create your very own CrushCube.

The site will be launched later today. Would love to know your thoughts bad or good! Please check it out. Happy designing!