ImageHere are images of CrushCube at work in the work place!

Cirkle, a lovely PR company, commissioned ten CrushCubes and two CrushCouches for their brain storming room! 

The owner of the company wanted something original, colourful, comfortable and moveable! CrushCube has worked a treat –  “The team simply love
them and they have definitely contributed to us feeling more creative in our
office environment.”Image

The Designers Guild fabrics are eye catching and certainly colourful and the zipped covers enable the client to restyle and maintain them.


What do you think? AreYOU brave enough to install a CrushCube or two in your space? Check out or to see the latest instalments.Image


Everyone has their favourite – which one is yours?


Everyone has their favourite CrushCube

Colourful and Flamboyant

Handmade Zipped Cover

Comfortable and Creative

These CrushCube Covers were designed for a PR company who wanted colourful creative seating for a brainstorming area only accessible via a narrow spiral staircase. No problem for CrushCube! It is so lightweight it can be picked up and carried from one space to another with minimal effort. Even the 100cm x 40cm CrushCouches were not a problem! CrushCube can be a no-frills classic affair or a creative masterpiece!

Pretty in Pink

Check it out!

I have been working on the new revamped and interactive website for some months now with the ever patient Gareth – my web designer. He has pulled me back from so many ‘off on a tangent moment’ back to reality and the world of practicalities. Together I think the reworked website looks fab. The main change is the ‘Create a CrushCube’ page where you can play with fabrics and lay them onto a cube template to create your very own CrushCube.

The site will be launched later today. Would love to know your thoughts bad or good! Please check it out. Happy designing!