Rugs are a fab way to bring colour and pattern into a space as shown in these images. Not only do they look beautiful but they also serve a practical purpose too!

CrushCube has exactly the same benefits as well as being handmade and unique.

This may come as a surprise to you but CushCube is that statement piece that gives you the WOW! factor as well as being able to sit on it.

Don’t believe me?! Check out and see for yourself!


Colour my World!


Just had to include these wonderful colourful images – apologies for not knowing where they were originally sourced:( On such a dull and cold day images like those above ooze with warmth and sunshine! Enjoy!

If you want to create your own year round ‘heatwave’ check out or create your own at – happy designing x

Stunning Graffiti


So real they appear life like! I love this art form as it instantly creates a reaction – always evocative whether it be funny, inspirational or haunting. I would love to create CrushCube covers with graffiti art work but in the meantime why not express your own creative flair at with colour, textures and pattern. Look forward to seeing your designs on twitter @CrushCubes