About CrushCube/CrushCouch

CrushCube/CrushCouch is a uniquely handmade product, it ensures you create the perfect accessory that works best for you and your space – creative, practical, on trend with bags of appeal!

I initially created CrushCube for use at home but then thought I would share its versatility and uniqueness with you all. As it is so lightweight and with a zipped cover group it together to create a unique small table, A STATEMENT PIECE, a footrest, an outdoor seat, extra seating for friends and family, more space by simply stacking them up, the list is endless.

Please feel free to browse the site http://www.crush-cube.co.uk for inspiration and look forward to collaborating with you and seeing your designs. Contact inspired@crushinteriors.co.uk to see how CrushCube/CrushCouch can enhance your living space and life!

About Crush

Crush is a small design company I set up six years ago feeding my passion for interiors. My own style is one of individuality combined with contemporary day to day living!

I like challenging conventional thinking and ideas to provide my clients with an individual and distinctive look to:

  • work collaboratively with clients in the pursuit of style and individuality
  • find the perfect solution to a specific living space
  • interpret dreams and expectations
  • create a sense of familiarity and informality that makes you feel at home

Contact francesca@crushinteriors.co.uk for inspiration!


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