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Everyone has their favourite CrushCube

Colourful and Flamboyant

Handmade Zipped Cover

Comfortable and Creative

These CrushCube Covers were designed for a PR company who wanted colourful creative seating for a brainstorming area only accessible via a narrow spiral staircase. No problem for CrushCube! It is so lightweight it can be picked up and carried from one space to another with minimal effort. Even the 100cm x 40cm CrushCouches were not a problem! CrushCube can be a no-frills classic affair or a creative masterpiece!

Pretty in Pink


Boutique Hotel Extrodinaire!


The Crosby Hotel in New York shows how colour, textures and patterns from different around the world, from time past and present work well together and create an impact that makes you go ‘WOW!’

I will be probably be blogging again on Boutique Hotels as I love their creative and colourful world!

Fabric Designs

I was messing around with my iPad the other day and produced these mad somewhat abstract designs. I would love to design my own fabric to use on CrushCube and by the look of these designs I have a long way to go 🙂

All Competition is Good Competition?!

I’m always on the look out for ‘new’ cubes! I love this ‘Italian Job’.
Made and designed in England website crush-cube.co.uk creates similar cubes in a variety of colours and fabrics in three different sizes!
Is there too much choice? Would you like to see more fabrics displayed? Does the interactive page help you realise the CrushCube of your dreams?
Look forward to your comments 🙂

‘Crushed’ Cube


'Crushed' Cube

I spied this in one of the sitting rooms at The Pig Hotel where it looked very much in keeping with the shabby chic, country feel of the hotel. However, with the covered in a suitable vintage fabric I think CrushCube would create a more practical and visual finish. What do you think?

http://www.crush-cube.co.uk – where you can create your own cube

Trompe L’Oeil to great effect


Trompe L'Oeil to great effect

After a lovely country kitchen dinner at The Pig Hotel, Dorset we retired to the lounge where I took this photograph of the trompe  l’oeil plaster work. I think it looks fab and is a precursor of the whole place. Here is how the owners describe the hotel –
‘Home grown in every way – breaking the mould of designed boutique hotels, daring to be comfortable in its own skin, working with what it has and recognising what is good about that. It isn’t perfect, its warm, relaxed, comfy, interesting, and homely with muted colours, a bit shabby chic and evolved rather than interior designed –actually we have recycled a lot of stuff – restoring and reconditioning pieces but adding twists and quirks here and there. Sitting areas have big chairs and squashy sofas, roaring fires in winter and a relaxed bar to hang out in.’

Well worth a visit.